Lighting Maintenance and Service

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LED Lighting: Beautiful and Practical

Being a local family business, we are your neighbor. Our goal is not to simply provide you with a lighting system and then disappear. With this in mind, Four Corners LED Lighting offers a biannual maintenance program to keep your low voltage lighting system in good working order for the life of the installation.

We know things change over time. The Chicago weather is harsh and your landscaping will continue to evolve over time. Utilizing a biannual service plan will ensure the proper preventative measures are taken to ensure the reliable operation and proper adjustment of your system.

Our service plan is comprised of a spring and fall inspection that includes the following services:

Full System Inspection – The entire lighting system is tested to ensure that all fixtures are working properly.

Maintenance of Lighting Effects – Lighting fixtures are periodically repositioned to account for growth of landscape. Any landscaping that is obstructing light is lightly trimmed or the fixture is repositioned to maintain the desired effect in the design.

Professional Grade Lamps – LED lamps have a very low failure rate and a very long lifespan. However, if any LED lamp fails, it will be replaced immediately. With our service plan, LED lamps carry a lifetime warranty.

Timer and Photocell Inspection – All timers are checked and reset to account for daylight savings if necessary. If applicable, photocells will be cleaned and tested.

Low Voltage Wire – Any wire that has surfaced is repaired and reburied.

Transformer Maintenance and Inspection – Connections at taps are checked and cleaned of debris or insects inside. Transformers are inspected to ensure reliable system performance.

Priority Service – Customers of our biannual maintenance plan receive priority response on repairs that fall outside the guidelines of the plan as well as a 10% discount on parts and labor if applicable.

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